‘Beginnings’ is a beautiful tribute that encourages listeners to keep their friends close, and to make sure they know they’re loved and that somebody is there for them.”

Chris Huber

[Beginnings] is profound.”

Shank Wilson

Here Is What Critics And Fans Are Saying About Katie Rose:

“Wonder” finds the bright and airy duality between a pop ballad and a warm, genuine moment of catharsis. It’s a slow and comforting stroll through the pages of youth, and the book of human experience.”


It’s important to note that Rose’s experience didn’t produce an album populated by “poor, poor me” songs. She’s a master of her craft. Typically, the artist starts with a lyrical idea that she deftly fashions into an insightful expression of universal appeal, which makes her a creator of poignant and shimmering pop gems. Katie’s music lifts her fans up and makes them feel alive and eager to take on life.”

Allen Foster, AXS

Katie Rose uses her years of writing and performing to produce a debut EP with a variety of styles and a lifetime of experience on each track of Everything Yesterday. This talented 17-year-old clearly has a lot to say and knows how to get her message across with beautiful songwriting skills. We can only imagine how much more talent is tucked away as Katie Rose grows as not only a musician, but as a person. You can bet that Wordkrapht will definitely be here to share her journey with our readers for many years to come.”

Melissa Landrin - Wordkrapht

Much will likely be made of Katie Rose’s age (17) and that the topic of Feel is a slice of teen angst, the sort favoured by Fiona Apple in her heydey. That, though, misses the point. This is a song that taps into a sense of dislocation that can anchor anyone at any moment and, with its cool and sleek neo-folk meets hip-hop vibe, announces Katie Rose as a songwriter of real talent.”

Damien Girling - Songwriting Magazine

With recent single "Wonder," Rose manages to take a pop ballad and turn it into a glorious emotional catharsis full of gorgeous string arrangements, courtesy of Jay Clifford. ”

Joshua Pickard, Nooga

Clean, crisp production brings out the best in Rose’s curious, beautiful voice and Jay Clifford’s gigantic string arrangements.”

Magnet Magazine

Katie is one of the most confident, uplifting singers around. Her seven song EP Everything Yesterday is a collection of nerdy feel-good music that lets your mind wander.”

Out of the Woodwork