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A song filled with drum beats, shouts of joy, and the overall feeling of getting away. That's what makes up Take Me Away. If you don't know what that is, (first of all hello welcome to my blog) it is a single off of my album Everything Yesterday. I recently made a music video for the song and it was quite the experience, so, here I am to tell you about it. Get seated, grab some water, let's chat. 

Take Me Away was a song I wrote when I was done throwing myself a pity party back in 2015, it was actually one of my first songs I wrote as a solo artist and it felt very strange. It wasn't a bad strange, it was more of a, "oh crap I'm not used to this." Anyways, I wrote it and it ended up on my first ever album and people liked it because it was a freeing song. I sang about getting away from everything bad and just enjoying the things around me. Fast forward to 2018 and I'm itching to put out new content from this album. Thus, the Take Me Away music video seed was planted and it was time to get to work. 

I decided my friend Taylor Carnie would be a perfect fit when it came to filming and editing, and he had this idea to make it like a Super 8 film where I am just going on little adventures with my friends and family. A lot of my friends were really busy the days we decided to film but my new friend Julia was all in. We decided to meet up for a picnic at Hampton Park and I would pack a lunch for everyone. I figured out that day that I am pretty good at packing for a picnic but you should always have extra lemonade. Always. It was 3pm and the sun wasn't too hot but of course the humidity was terrible, but that didn't stop us from enjoying a picnic lunch while we filmed each other talking, laughing, eating, and just being young. It was a little strange having a camera in my face as I tried to shove a chip full of cottage cheese into my mouth, but I did my best to ignore it and act like this was totally normal. After another hour of eating and playing on Julia's scary hammock, we packed up and headed on over to a nice little ice cream place to cool off. 

The first day was wonderful and filled me with excitement for the finished product, but we weren't done just yet. The next day was even hotter and we had agreed to shoot some scenes at the beach with my sister and her boyfriend. (Hi Chris and Ry.) What I forgot to mention earlier was that Julia had broken her foot two days prior to all of this and REFUSED to wear her cast to the beach, so that's why you see her being carried by the lovely Christopher. I'm pretty sure we shouldn't have let her do this on a broken foot but she is firecracker and nobody can tell her what to do. ANYWAYS! This time everything was a little harder because we really didn't know what to do. Swimming was a no go since the camera wasn't waterproof, but eventually we just figured we would run through the water, play in the tide pools, and just hang out together. We had forgotten about the terrible heat and were focused on enjoying each others company. A perfect ending. After all was done and Taylor edited the clips, I think our feelings were perfectly captured in a fun and carefree music video. It's made by all of us and I think that's what I like best, getting to see the ones I love smiling and laughing to my song. 

Well, if you wanna watch the video for yourself you can check it out HERE! It really was a lot of fun and I couldn't have done it with the people who stepped up. Thanks to Taylor Carnie for EVERYTHING, and thanks to Julia, Chris, and Ryleigh for coming out and filming with us. 

What is your perfect Take Me Away day?

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