A Few Struggles From A Musician

Why Being a Musician is the Worst

It’s not. Well-I mean I could have it way way worse. I could be the person that cleans up the confetti after the ball drops or the person that tries to help others when their “computer doesn’t work” (did you turn it on and off?) I just mean that it could be way worse, and that’s how I have to look at it sometimes. I’m very lucky to be doing what I’m doing, and to have the support system I have, but today I am going to take you on a magical journey where I’m going to explain why being a musician can sometimes be the pits. 

Isn’t it super fun getting paid? You look forward to that nice paycheck, thinking of what you’re going to do with it. Well, when you’re a musician just starting out, payment can be kind of a pain. Sometimes you get very little, sometimes you get nothing at all. You can always pick up a second or third job, but you’re not doing what you love and the jobs aren’t always flexible. There’s also the fact that you make very little from streams and itunes purchases, unless you’re having millions of people stream your tunes a day. Even then, it’s not nearly the same as when people buy merch (PLEASE buy merch!) but who says it’s gonna be easy? 

Nobody is kidding when they tell you you MUST have thick skin to be in this business. Whether it’s a big business man telling you “no”, or just a random person at your show saying you should “shut up and play the music, you never quite get used to it. It gets easier to laugh at though and you learn to turn it into fuel the next time you write a song, sing at a gig, or go to meetings. 

Relationships are hard, but imagine it as a musician. It’s extremely hard to put yourself in a musicians shoes (that’s why I do these blogs) and realize that we don’t mean any harm. This is our JOB, passion, and dream. Sometimes we have to leave for months for a tour, or we spend all our money on a new record or merch so we can’t go out. There is SO MUCH WORK that goes into making a name for yourself, and sometimes we gotta sacrifice relationships in order to get there. BUT HEY MUSIC FRIENDS! If they refuse to listen about why this is so important to you, then I think it’s time to write a new song because you should break up. Anybody who is willing to listen and understand your job is worth keeping around. 

I could go on and on about this job and how there seems to be so much wrong with the industry, like how the female musicians are still being left out, harassed by drunk men, or being told how to dress (it's 2019)…. but honestly, I am willing to go through it every day if it means I get to do what I love. 

I may hear “no” a lot in my life, and I may see the industry tear apart other music friends, but that doesn’t mean I won’t pick myself and others up so we can try again tomorrow. This job has so many down’s but endless up’s and I couldn’t imagine doing anything else. Someone may be rude to you one night and tear down everything you’re working towards, but the next night you may have a kid come up and tell you that your song meant a lot to them, and that makes it all worth it.

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